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Plastic Chess Pieces 3.75" King

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Product Description:
These are the most common chess pieces used in clubs, schools and tournaments across Canada and the United States. The King is the tournament standard height of 3-3/4 inches. Each solid plastic moulded chess piece has a felt base firmly attached. These pieces go well with our standard 20" vinyl tournament boards.

The pieces come in two separate clear plastic resealable Ziploc type bags - one for the white pieces, one for the black pieces. Each package of Tournament Chess Pieces include 4 Queens.
Product Specifications:
  • King Weight : 1oz (28g)
  • Pawn Weight : 0.3oz (8g)
  • Total Weight : 1.1 lbs (0.5kg)
  • King Height : 3-3/4 inches (9.5cm)
  • King's Base Diameter : 1-1/2 inches (3.8cm)
  • Pawn Height : 0.3oz (8g)
  • Materials Used: ABS Plastic, Felt

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