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Chess Size Guide

Matching chess pieces to the appropriate chess board.

In order for your chess set to appear correct, proportionate sizing of pieces to board is important. The pieces must be proportionate in both height and base width ... and of course the chess board must be right for your space. There are 3 important dimensions to be considered:

1) The diameter of the base of the King
2) The size of the squares
3) The overall size of the chess board.

The official tournament standard of F.I.D.E (Federation International D’Echecs) is that the base diameter of the King should not be greater than 75% of the size of the squares on the chess board.

Of course the chess tournament standard restriction may not fit everyone ’s taste. In choosing your pieces do consider the size of the King and his base versus square size as an important factor in set selection.

King too Small for Board Squares

board Too small..

With a board that is too small for your pieces you may feel as if you are stuck on a Japanese subway!

King too Small for Board Squares

board Too large..

With a board that is too small for your pieces you may begin to feel disoriented!

King too Small for Board Squares

Just right..

The right proportions between pieces and board will leave a King with comfortable space to the edge of the square. All of our chess pieces are shown with a recommended appropriate board size. Should you wish to see the appropriate combination more closely, please call us! We can arrange photos to be sent by email or a video session on Skype.

Video - Chess Size Guide

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please call us or email us for advice.

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