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Origins of our Products

Artisan turning a wooden Chesspice

Our collection of excellent chess products is derived from manufacturers who have been selected for their consistently high standards of quality. The founder of Regency Chess, Julian Deverell, has travelled extensively and met with each supplier on an individual basis in order to develop a strong working partnership. We never deal with middlemen or wholesalers – only directly with artists, craftsmen and manufacturers – who are in tune with our demanding quality standards.

The best quality knight pieces are hand carved by highy skilledchesspiece artisans

Most of our chess products are imported from European countries such as England, Germany, Italy and Spain. Our highest quality of luxury chess pieces are imported from a select craftsman in the Amritsar region of India. This region was once renowned for centuries for its intricately carved elephant ivory products. Once the export of ivory was banned worldwide, the craftsmen moved to carving, turning and finishing chess pieces made of beautiful luxurious woods. Our partner, whom we meet with several times per year, is quite simply the best in terms of design, selection of fine woods, consistency and overall quality.

The Regency Chess Company of Canada will not import any wood chess products from any countries (i.e. China), or manufacturers, currently associated with lax or inconsistent quality standards. Outside of our plastic chess sets, none of our products are mass produced.

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