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DGT Travel Timer

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Product Description:
The DGT Travel Timer has move timer, game timer options and it includes bonus settings and delay settings.

This folding compact timer is the successor to the DGT960, which generated starting positions for Fischerandom (960) chess. Once you press the 960 button a randomly chosen Chess960 starting position will display.

The concept of starting a game with the pieces placed randomly was the idea of the greatest chess player of all time - Robert James Fischer. His idea was to avoid the memorization of constantly expanding opening theory - to battle over the board on equal footing against a "booked up" opponent.

The portable DGT Travel Timer chess clock is a convenient compact device that easily goes with you anywhere.

•Large display for easy viewing

•Bonus and delay timing

•Generates 960 Fischerandom starting positions

•Simple to set up

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