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Victoria Burl Chess Set

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Product Description:

A wonderful combination of contrasting woods

The board is handmade in Italy, constructed from Briarwood and Elm veneer and finished in an extra thick coating of satin lacquer. The Briarwood burl has amazing depth of grain with seductive patterns that holds a number of shades of colour. Rich yellows follow deep reds which follow rich red browns. The inlaid veneer squares are bordered with an elegant strip of Ebony that sections off the playing surface from the border. The underside of the board features a lacquered wooden veneer and has felting pads to protect surfaces underneath.

The Victoria Series Ebonised Boxwood chess pieces are designed in the classic Staunton style. However, they feature wider bases and a more concave sloping shank. The detailing on these pieces is of interest - from the detailed finial of the king to the precise hand carving of the Queen's crown. The process of ebonising involves chemically changing light Boxwood to create a very convincing faux Ebony effect. It is very impressive as the ebony effect penetrates the wood and will never chip or fade. Finally, each piece is nicely weighted and has its base lined with plush green flock.

All in all this is a great classic chess set that will provide years of quality chess.

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King Height
3.5 inches
King Weight
Kings Base Diameter
1.75 inches
Pawn Height
2.0 inches
Pawn Weight
Overall Weight (unpackaged)
Materials Used
Briarwood, Elm, Boxwood
Board Dimensions
19.7 x 19.7 x 0.7 inches
Size of Playing Squares
1.9 inches

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