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DGT 10630 North American

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$72.95 CAD

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Product Description:
The new DGT North American is perfect for speed chess, bullet chess, or many variations of tournament time controls – also for Go, Checkers (Draughts), Scrabble or Shogi. The clock is durable and dependable but surprisingly light. The prominent time buttons make it obvious who is to move once you have pressed your button.

Sixteen different light contrast displays means you can adjust to outdoor play or indoors in rooms where lighting is dimmer. The clock has a complete range of time choices. Manual programming can be set up very quickly. This is a very popular tournament chess clock in both Canada and the USA.
Product Specifications:
  • Easy to set up time controls
  • 16 contrast settings for any lighting condition
  • Signal for low battery
  • Easy to correct move or time count
  • Lightweight

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