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The World Chess Championship Chess Set

Chess Candidates Opening Ceremony on its way to becoming one of the most important designs modern designs. One may wonder if this is just another in the long line of variations of the 1849 Staunton standard. This is simply not another Staunton variant, but a unique design. Unlike the standard of green felt bases, these pieces feature black felt on the black pieces, and white felt on the white pieces. The set is now the official set of F.I.D.E. (Federation International D’Echecs) and will be used in all major tournaments including the World Championship.

The set has been crafted in select natural Boxwood for the white pieces and ebonised Boxwood for the black pieces. The King is the tournament standard 3.75 inches. Each piece is proportionately weighted. The design of the pieces takes into account a pleasant tactile design as well as architectural features of the Parthenon. This set was designed specifically for the world’s top Grandmasters.

The Story Behind the Set

Highly successful entrepreneur and chess enthusiast Andrew Paulson, and his company AGON, have secured the rights to host The World Chess Championship for the next ten years. The mission is to bring chess to the world stage by promoting the game in all areas of the world. The company has developed ‘chess casting’, which brings live broadcasts of important games to the world through the internet. During the development of the first tournament sponsored by AGON it was noted that no standard brand of chess set has been established as the norm. The Staunton design of 1849 has been used as a base around which many variations have been fashioned.

Typically chess retailers have set up their own brands based on interpretations of the common designs. AGON decided to enter into partnership with England’s Studio Anne Carlton to create the new sets under Daniel Weil’s design

The Designer

World Chess Branding

AGON has partnered with Pentagram for the design and branding of the World Championship Chess Set. The black and white logo and branding position is striking and lends itself perfectly to chess in the twenty first century. The Pentagram website says is perfectly - ' Daniel Weil created an experience that is a sturdy for the player, an embodiment for the brand and a set for the camera and the audience who are watching.'

The World Chess Championship Board

The perfect complement to the pieces is of course the official World Championship Chess Board, a traditional simple design with the Pentagram icon inlaid on both sides of the board. The board is a fifty cm platform which has been crafted in Spain from graded Rosewood and Maple. The board is of extremely high quality and it comes packaged in the official black World Chess Championship box.

The Regency Chess Company - Official Retailer

The Regency Chess Company is honoured to be one of the very first retailers of this important chess set which is now in short supply. We have informed that other versions of the set will soon become available. As such, we expect there to be a full range of World Championship Chess products available on our website within the next year. We are hold stock of this product in our warehouse north of Toronto. Sets can be ordered for immediate shipment.

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