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Fischer-Spassky Chess Pieces 3.75 inch

Fischer-Spassky Chess Pieces 3.75 inch

Beautifully carved Traditional Staunton design 3.75 inch (95 mm) king Superb detail and finish Weighted and felted Perfect for boards of 18 - 20...

$235.00 CAD

Fischer-Spassky Chess Pieces Rosewood & Boxwood 3.75" King

Fischer-Spassky Chess Pieces Rosewood & Boxwood 3.75" King

The Fischer-Spassky Chess Pieces are an upgraded (luxurious Rosewood has been substituted for Ebonized Boxwood) replica of the pieces used in “The...

$265.00 CAD

Along with the Munich Olympics, in 1972 the ‘Match of the Century’ captured the attention of the entire world. Robert James Fischer of the USA defeated Boris Spassky of the USSR and the long standing Soviet hegemony at the height of the Cold War. Fischer popularized chess around the world and in America in particular.

 Fischer Spassky 1972The Staunton chess pieces used in the match were a variation on the standard Staunton design. Howard Staunton of England, the premier player in the mid 19th century, lent his name to the design of Nathaniel Cook in 1849. The Ebony and Boxwood pieces soon established themselves as the world standard.

Today Ebony is rarely used in chess pieces as the rarity and cost lead to substitution with ‘Ebonized Boxwood. This wood is simply Boxwood that has been stained a dark colour. It is very difficult to distinguish Ebony from its substitute unless one looks very closely – or using great force, one breaks a piece in half.

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