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21.25 Inch Standard Walnut and Maple Chess Board

$139.95 CAD

Date Added: 11/27/2020 by Darren Hennig

The nearly "perfect" board??

Part 2 - I got this recently and this is really a great board. Besides being nicely finished and well made, I am very impressed with the "playing area/size to square size" ratio. the 60mm squares are perfect for kings in the 3.5"-4" or so sizes, as mentioned previously, but the footprint is ~20% smaller than the larger 23.6" boards also available. This makes it (as I mentioned above) a nearly ideal utility board tat is both high quality, excellent value, and also spacious enough to accommodate many sets, while minimizing the amount of table space taken up!

Highly recommended! I have many board, but can see this being now my favorite!

Darren H
Winnipeg MB

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