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ChessBase Complete – Chess in the Digital Age

For tournament players there is a great new tool on the market – ChessBase Complete -to be used as a guide for the highly popular database/software from Germany’s ChessBase GmbH. There’s a general consensus among chess players that the ChessBase software is very helpful for serious chess improvement. However, many chess players are intimidated by the software. As a solution to the problem, former U.S. correspondence champion Jon Edwards has created an excellent guide that shows in easy to understand instruction on how to best use the program.:

chessbase 12dgt

(1)   Prepare openings effectively, quickly with up-to-date theory

(2)   Find and review games in each opening, middlegame type, and endgame.

(3)   Check how various chess engines evaluate your position.

(4)   Review your games to quickly find mistakes.

(5)  Prepare own chess book for publication in print or on the internet

ChessBase Complete

Chess in the Digital Age

by Jon Edwards

Foreword by Karsten Mueller

352 pages, Softcover

ISBN: 978-1-936490-54-7

Russell Enterprises, Inc.

The book will soon be available on our site at $39.95. Please email us at if you are interested.

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