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DGT Game Timers

Digital Game Technology (DGT) of Enschede,The Netherlands is the official producer of the F.I.D.E. (World Chess Federation) chess clock.The company was created in 1982 by Ben Bulsink and Albert Vasse. The company is known for high quality and user friendly digital clocks and electronic boards for chess and draughts.


In 2014 DGT introduced a new and improved version of their Easy Game Timer series with:

  • Larger Display and Larger Buttons
  • Count-Down & Count-Up
  • New Move & Save option

The new clocks are available in 3 colour options:

  • Crimson Cruz
  • Black Beyond
  • Judit Polgar’s design

10167 DGT Easy Crimson Cruz (2014) 10168 DGT Easy Black Beyond (2014) 10708 DGT Easy Judit Polgar


Not only are these great Chess Clocks, but they can be used for Checkers, Draughts, Go, Shogi, Backgammon, Cribbage, Dominoes, Mastermind, Othello, Scrabble, Stratego, etc.

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