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Regency Chess at the Rio 2016 Olympics

Several months ago we had a call from a film production company in Vancouver. At 2 p.m. they requested 20 chess sets and 20 chess clocks for a tv commercial shoot to arrive by 9 a.m. We shipped overnight by UPS and they arrived promptly. Then they requested another 10 sets and clocks which were […]

Silicone Chess Sets

Silicone Chess Sets are just about the most fun you can have over 64 squares! The Silicone Chess Pieces are hyper flexible and virtually unbreakable. If you have ever been in a classroom of chess students you are very familiar with the sound of hard plastic pieces hitting the hard floor – no such sound […]

Giant Chess Sets

Coming Spring 2016! Giant Chess Sets These super cool outdoor chess sets are on the way! If you are looking for an audience magnet during your game then these garden chess sets are the solution. More to follow …

Alabaster Chess Sets from Scali Alabastro of Tuscany

Scali Alabastro of Italy is a highly renowned firm in Volterra, Tuscany. Using traditional carving techniques, the second generation family business has produced a wide range of decorative objects for over forty years. Alabaster chess sets, although similar to marble chess sets, are differentiated by source and appearance. Tuscan alabaster is found in underground caves […]

SPECTRE, James Bond and Chess

SPECTRE, which had its world premiere October 26 in London, is the 2nd most expensive movie ever, with a budget of $300 million. Yet to be released in Canada and the USA, we are curious as how the royal game of chess is entwined in the plot. It appears that Mr. Bond has chosen the […]

Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces – Medium Size!

We will soon be introducing a new scaled down version of our Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces. The original laser scanned replicas from National Museums Scotland feature a King at 3-1/4″ high and a substantial base diameter of 2″. By virtue of the large bases of the chess pieces a large chess board is required […]

Marble Chess Sets

We will soon be introducing some super attractive Alabaster Chess Sets from Italy. These sets are uniformly polished to a high gloss finish.   It is very common for vacationers to import marble chess sets or various types of stone chess sets – such as Onyx Chess Sets –  from Mexico, the Caribbean or South […]

Magnetic Chess Demonstration Board

New Product! Our new Magnetic Chess Demonstration Board makes teaching easy and quick. Strong magnets are attached to the back of each chess piece to facilitate simple and easy movement of the pieces.   At 25 inches square it is the perfect size for teaching chess in schools. It comes with a rope hanger and […]

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