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Luxury Chess Boards from Italy

Our range of chess boards is defined at the top end by luxurious boards from Italy. The reputable firm Italfama has been producing high end boards and metal chess pieces for over 30 years. These boards are certainly among the finest available anywhere in the world. The selected wood grain patterns are superb, the accuracy of the inlaid veneers is exceptional and the glossy finish is of excellent quality.



This beautiful high gloss finish is applied in several coats to the smooth wood surface. The richly coloured and patterned Briarwood burl harmonizes beautifully with the light square Maple veneer. The board has precise lines that go well with modern or traditional decor.



17 Inch Chess Board with 1-5/8 inch squares

20 Inch Chess Board with 2 inch squares

23-5/8 Inch Chess Board with 2-1/4 inch squares

Viva L’Italia!

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