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The Alghero Onyx and Marble Chess Set

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$249.75 CAD

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Product Description:

Marble chess set from Italy, a stunning and unique product.

  • Made in Italy.
  • 3 inch (76mm) king.
  • Crafted from real Onyx marble
  • Superb quality and finish.
  • A heavy and substantial set.

This fantastic marble chess set is another stunning product from the Italian producers italfama. It's been hand crafted in Italy by this established company and the result is as you would would expect. The pieces have been expertly turned from high grade marble and have been finished and polished to a very high standard.

The board has been created from individual pieces of marble and polished to a lovely even finish. One of the key things to remember about this set is that every one is unique. Marble is a natural material and as such the swirling patterns and textures are unique to each and every set. In some marble sets we sometimes see so much variation in the material that the black and white pieces become less distinguishable than they should do, which is of course no good for serious chess players. Italfama have got things perfect in this respect and have ensured a lovely contrast between the two sides. Clean whites and greys on one site and swirling natural creams and browns on the other.

A lovely quality, heavy and very well finished set that comes directly from a fine Italian maker. This marble set is stocked in our UK warehouse and ready for immediate dispatch. If you are looking for some fine craftsmanship, eye catching style and some good wow factor then this set should certainly be on your short list.

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