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The Water vs. Fire Hand Painted Chess Set by Italfama

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Product Description:

  • Ideal gift
  • 3.25 inch king
  • Superbly ornate
  • Presented with a 15.75 inch Spanish board
Representing water and fire, these crushed stone composite pieces are beautifully crafted and ornate.

Whether your preference lies with Greek or Roman Mythology, Poseidon or Neptune, ruler of the Water, is a very imposing character. His trusty trident and whip accessorise his flowing gowns. The beautifully alluring Amphitrite or Salacia, the King's consort, stands by his side.

A miniature lighthouse portrays the rook and we love the whimsical use of seahorses for the knights whilst Octopuses make up the pawns. All of these characters are set on crests of waves.

The sizzling opposition is lead by a Nordic looking King carrying a flaming bowl whilst whilst also standing amongst flames. His bewitching queen too carries a flaming bowl whilst stood in a blaze.

The bishop bears a striking resemblance to a viking whilst a ferocious dragon stands upon a fiery pillar to represent the Knight. The burning castle and eery vampire-like pawns upon tombstones make up this forbidding opponent.

The The Water vs Fire Chess Men are also available without a board but either way, it makes a lovely gift.

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