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Garden Chess Set

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$98.75 CAD

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Product Description:

This affordable and relatively compact set is small enough that it can be easily transported. It is nice learning tool for kids as the board includes the standard algebraic notation for square identification.

The pieces are hard plastic and will last indefinitely around soft surfaces. They will not fare well if dropped onto concrete from a height!

The board is strong and durable but is not premium quality. In order to fit into its small original packaging the vinyl board is folded – which means that there is sometimes a bump or indentation in the middle of the board. You may also notice rolls in the board – these will gradually disappear if the board is put in the sun on a flat surface - and rolled up when not in use. The original packing is not meant to be permanent, so you will likely need a bag of some sort to transport the pieces and board (which we would roll up rather than fold).

This inexpensive set is great fun for the money, but not the same quality as the 3 larger outdoor sets, which have softer plastic pieces and nicer boards. Although this set does not meet our standard we carry it as it is the only set available in this popular size.

Product Specifications:
  • King Height : 8 inches (20cm)
  • Pawn Height : 4 1/4 inches (11cm)
  • Materials Used : Plastic / Vinyl
  • Board Dimensions : 35 square inches (89cm)
  • Total Weight (unpackaged) : 2.6 kg (5-1/2 lbs.)

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