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Sheesham and Boxwood Draughts Box

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$39.95 CAD

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Product Description:
  • Pieces crafted from boxwood.
  • Natural wax finish.
  • Presented in solid sheesham box.
  • Ideal for a 15 to 18 inch (38 to 45 cm) board.

This hand crafted solid Sheesham and Boxwood Draughts (Checkers) box set is the perfect addition to any chess set. The hinged box is constructed from solid sheesham (golden rosewood), wax polished and lined with green felt. The draughts pieces are constructed from solid boxwood and ebonised boxwood and are naturally wax polished. Suitable for chess boards from 15 to 18 inches (40 - 45 cm) in size.

Please Note: A chess board is not included.

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