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Fierce Knight Ebonized Chess Pieces 4 Inches

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$295.00 CAD

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Product Description:
At long last, we have a larger version of the Fierce Knight chess pieces. With its 4 inch king, these ebonized boxwood pieces are a welcome addition to this particular range of chess pieces. Each piece starts its life as a solid piece of wood that is expertly turned, carved and skillfully hand crafted. To create the black pieces, a set in natural boxwood goes through a treatment called ebonization. It's a long process but the results are certainly worth the wait to create the appearance of ebony, without the high tag. Because of the quality of finish and weight of the Fierce Knight Chess pieces, we expect this version to become one of the best sellers on the Regency Chess website. They have a solid feel in the hand and with their height and detail look very regal and elegant - most pleasing to the eye. These large pieces are nicely weighted and naturally polished with plush flocked bases in green. This is still relatively unusual in sets in this price bracket. The Fierce Knight Chess Men are great for home or tournament use and would be suitable for pairing with boards of 20 inches (54 cm) or more. This set of chess men includes 4 queens.
Product Specifications:
  • King Weight : 2.5 oz (70g)
  • Pawn Weight : 2.6 oz (30g)
  • Total Weight : 2.7 lbs (1.23kg)
  • King Height : 4 inches (10.2cm)
  • King's Base Diameter : 1.6 inches (4.1cm)
  • Pawn Height : 2.5 inches inches (6.4cm)
  • Materials Used: Boxwood

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