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Classic Staunton Ebony Bath Series Chessmen 4.25 Inches

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Product Description:

Wooden chess pieces do not come any finer than these. Exquisitely sculpted from the very best hand-selected, ethically sourced ebony, this large Staunton-inspired design represents the absolute height of luxury chessmen.

  • Meticulously crafted from solid ebony.
  • Intricate detailing
  • 4.25 inch (108 mm) king
  • 4 queens
  • Weighted for perfect balance
  • Bases covered with billiard cloth
  • Perfect for a 23 inch (60 cm) board

Standing at an imperious 4.25 inches, the solid ebony king of the Bath Chessmen is the most distinctive luxury chess piece in the Regency collection. Like his army and foes, the king is hand turned from a single piece of wood before being expertly finished. Each individual Bath chess piece is meticulously carved to create this refined interpretation of famous Staunton lines. The knights are simply astonishing in their detail.

Upon their necks sits an fine mane, with each intricately carved strand visible. The finesse of these chessmen is equaled only by their full-bodied nature. When a chess player, an artist or collector holds these ebony chess pieces there is an instant sense of quality. They are rnaments created by craftsmen, to be appreciated by the connoisseur and to be kept for generations. The Bath Series is an investment in craftsmanship and material, with the highest grade ebony wood shaped into extraordinary beauty. At Regency Chess that is what we hold as luxury, a combination of beauty and exclusivity. Buyers can also rest assured that all of the ebony used to create this luxury set of chessmen is sourced ethically. Although we strive for the finest products in our luxury section we do not carry any materials that have been sourced illegally.

Our suppliers sent the new Bath Ebony Chessmen over to us in Somerset, UK in October 2014, before we matched them up with an extraordinary board to create our most lavish and luxurious complete chess package: Classic Staunton Ebony & Dark Walnut Bath Series Grand Chess Set

This set of luxury chess pieces will fit onto any board of 23 inches (60 cm) across, although few will do them justice!

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