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Contemporary Series Ebonized Chess Pieces 3.75 Inches

$149.95 CAD

Date Added: 04/10/2020 by Ulrich Maier

This type of chessmen were designed by Erhardt Post in 1935
in Germany and are known under the name "Bundesform".
The idea was to design a chess set that was nearly indestructible,
easy to manufacture and to be used in German chess clubs.
This type of chess set was then widely adopted by German chess clubs
instead of the Staunton chessmen. The "Bundesform" chessmen
were also promoted to be used in the unofficial Olympic Chess Games in Munich
in 1936.

I bought this chess set because I find the simple form very appealing.
The chessmen are a pleasure to use and have a perfect weighting.
I especially love the pawns which are so comfortable to handle
when setting up chess positions. The chessmen are very well made
and finished.

I love these chessmen and I would buy them again.

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