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Our Chess Piece Collection

Our selection of chess pieces is chosen from different styles, forms and types of wood. The Regency Chess Company Canada stocks a selection of the finest luxury pieces from our parent company in England. The pieces in our collection are imported from England, Italy, India and Poland. All of our suppliers have been selected for consistency in quality, design and reliability in supply.

The most popular of styles in chess pieces is the Staunton design, unveiled in England in 1849, and quickly adopted as the norm worldwide. The leading player of the period, Howard Staunton, lent his name to the design of Nathaniel Cook – who successfully created a set where, unlike pre-Staunton sets, the pieces were easily distinguishable from each other.

Today the Staunton design is used in official World Chess Federation (F.I.D.E.) tournaments around the world. Many variations on the Staunton theme have been developed over the last 160 years, but the basic outlines of the pieces hold true.

Although the Staunton design is extremely popular, we also have demand for our ornate or unique chess pieces. In the near future we plan to also introduce the popular Isle of Lewis chessmen (sometimes referred to as Viking pieces) as well as various metal and marble and onyx stone sets. We will also be introducing pre-Staunton designs such as the Northern Upright and St. George pieces.

Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces

As you will notice, we have one page dedicated to the iconic Isle of Lewis Chess Pieces. These replica pieces are precise reproductions of the original walrus tusk and whale bone pieces - and are an official product of National Museums Scotland. The Kings, Queens, Bishops, Warders and Berserkers have been created in England from laser scans of the original pieces - which originated circa 1100 AD., likely in Norway or Iceland.

“When you look at them, kneel down or crouch in such a way that you can look through the glass straight into their faces and look them in the eye. You will see human beings across the passage of time. They have remarkable quality. They speak to you.” – Irving Finkel, Curator at the British Museum

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