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Green Draw String Chess Piece Bag

Green Draw String Chess Piece Bag

A simple and easy solution to the question of where to store your chess pieces. The corded fabric is reinforced at the base with a circular board in...

$8.95 CAD

Chess Cases & Bags

Our range of solutions for storing your chess pieces will soon be expanded. The Draw String Bags and Birch Wood Cases are quite popular for pieces from our Budget Chess Pieces and Plastic Chess Pieces pages. The Chess Set Carry Bag is great for chess students looking for an easy way to store and carry their set – and there is a space for one of our School Chess Clocks.

Luxury Chess Piece Storage

Our finest line is from a precise German company. The Root Wood Burl Compartment Chess Piece Case is the perfect product in which to store your expensive chess pieces. With each piece assigned its own individual spot the pieces should remain in their original condition indefinitely.

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