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21.25 Inch Standard Walnut and Maple Chess Board

$139.95 CAD

Date Added: 11/27/2020 by Darren Hennig

Dave's team at this busy time of year shipped this item quickly and well protected!

This board is an excellent choice for a very nice "utility board" when wishing to play with a variety of piece colors and types (rosewood/boxwood, or ebonized/boxwood look superb on this board). Recommend as indicated around a 3.75" king size to perhaps 4.25" max. Plenty of space for the pieces with 60mm squares!

And, as always with the products I have gotten from Regency, the fit and finish of this fine board is very nice. I highly recommend this board as both excellent value and fine for use using the above larger sized standard chess pieces.

All the best to you and your fine team there in ON, Dave - best of the holidays to you all! :)

Darren H,
Winnipeg MB

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