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Silver Coloured Chess Medal with Strap

Silver Coloured Chess Medal with Strap

This Silver Coloured Medal is perfect for scholastic chess tournaments. Each medal comes with a 30" long nylon strap that is striped in red, white...

$3.95 CAD

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Chess Sets for Schools & Clubs

Yes, it is very easy to get your school chess club in motion! Once you have your pieces and boards the students will want to play right away. It always works well to have a quick chess lesson at the beginning of each class, so our Demonstration Chess Board is exactly what you need! An element of fun and excitement can be added with the use of a School Chess Clock. Kids love the excitement of playing with only 5 minutes per side. Of course practising with the clock prepares them for school chess tournaments where they may be using clocks if games last longer than time permits. Ready, set ...
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Download The Regency Chess Company Score Sheet

Regency ScoresheetThe Regency Chess Company Score Sheet is in PDF format as a free download. Rather than looking for that misplaced score book, now you always know where to go! The PDF prints out as two separate score sheets for each 8-1/2 x 11 letter size paper.

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