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The World Championship Chess Board

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Product Description:
The World Chess Championship Chess Board was used not only in the Candidates Tournament, but in the 2013 World Championship match between reigning champion Viswanathan Anand and ultimate victor Magnus Carlsen. The board uses inlaid rosewood and maple veneer, and features the inlaid Championship hexagon motif. At 19.7 inches or 50cm, the board is standard tournament size and is suitable for pieces with a King height 3 3/4 inches. This board is the perfect complement to the official World Championship chess pieces.

This board is currently not available nor will it be in the near future. We suggest the 19.7 Wenge board as a substitute.

Buy the complete World Chess Championship Chess Set with Official branded Board HERE

Product Specifications:
  • Total Weight : 5.5LBS (2.5KG)
  • Board Dimensions : 17¾ inches Square (50CM)
  • Width of Playing Squares : 2 Inches (5CM)
  • Materials Used: Montgoy Rosewood, Maple, Man made

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